What To Know When Choosing Kindergartens?

Kindergarten is where your child’s academic education begins. This is where they will learn skills needed to communicate and follow their own path. Up until now, they will have been under your guidance and their world has been limited to their home. Now, they can discover a whole new place and meet new people greatly expanding their experience. Since this is the first step they will be taking into the world beyond, you will need to be conscious of how it will affect them. You need to know all the basic facts when it comes to selecting a kindergarten.

You should first find out when the preschool in Bukit Timah in your locale are accepting applications. This will usually happen around January. But it’s better if you look for them earlier such as September. Usually, some kindergartens take in children as young as 2 years old even though it’s mostly during 3 and 4 years that they accept students. Therefore, you need to know which minimum age your kindergarten is looking for. It’s better if you make a list of all the kindergartens near you and jot down their pros and cons. This will help you with making a decision. Ask friends, family and neighbours for recommendations.

We consider parents a child’s first teacher. Therefore, you know what they excel at and what their strengths are. You need to know exactly what fits your child and what environment he/she will thrive in. Figure out whether you prefer a more academically based programme or a kindergarten that puts more weight on social interactions and values. You should be clear on the philosophy of the kindergarten you select; whether they aim for creativity, nurturing individuality etc. Some places offer preschool enrichment programmes that aim to further mental acuity and motor skills of the students by allowing testing their talents by offering activities that stimulate them.

However, there are basic things you need to look in a kindergarten. They include smaller classes that are stocked with new things for them to experience and fortified for their safety. A smaller class will ensure that your child will not get lost in the midst of a large crowd and he/she will have plenty of room for personal development. It will also be easier to divide the attention of the teacher to each student so that no one gets overlooked.

Then there are factors that ensure getting your child to kindergarten doesn’t become a chore for you. You will find the task to be much easier if the kindergarten is closer to your home. This way your child can maintain the friendships he makes in the school outside as well. You can’t just stop with analysing the kindergarten; you have to go visit it. Then only will you get a clear idea of how it works and you can meet all the people who work there including the principle, teachers and other staff. This will provide you with a better background about the place and the people your child will meet.